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Yes....after NOT going to my department picnic in September (for those who know me, you know why), I decided to go to one being held for a section of people whose jobs were being eliminated. Technology - what a pain!

Anyway, I met the one guy who I have worked with via e-mail for the first time in the 14 months I have been with my company. Besides that, I only knew a few people there from my department - I knew nobody else.

I ended up having a good time even though I could feel the SA creep up via my thoughts. It felt like an SA volcano that I had to "keep down" like Pepto-Bismol to an upset stomach.

I laughed a lot, which was cool. The only awkward part was my thanking the guy for inviting me to the picnic. It was in front of two guys from my department (I didn't want to interrupt their conversation :afr).

When I returned from the luncheon, part of me wanted to cry. I ended up sucking it in and continued with my work.

***I think a few people were surprised that I was out and about. :stu
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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