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Today I'll be getting my own microphone for my guitar !

So I'll no longer be playing in the shadow of the lead guitarist, but rather, I'll be playing alongside him. WOOT !

No, I am not in a band (wouldn't that be cool ?) I was just referring to my church choir.

Yesterday at practise, after he set me up with my own microphone, we began jamming Greenday "21guns" with me strumming, and he playing leads.

Then we played "Hotel California" we were so into it, that the women in the choir started dancing :clap !!!!!

I wish my dad had been at that practise, Hotel California is his favourite song.

Afterwards we went into the practise. However, because we now had 2 guitars, plus the piano.. the music was VERY loud. By the end of practise there were a half dozen young girls (not choir members) just watching us play.
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