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so, does anybody have an at home job? im desperate for extra money but its hard for me to get a second 'real' job without a car and classes starting again soon. i was thinking about maybe some data entry job, but i don't know if the ones i've found are legit or not...anyone know where to find something legit like that?

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here are descriptions from the 2 i found:

Processing Specialist: This position is done over the
internet and involves processing e-mail orders, for
business software, from your home office. Each order
must be processed promptly and copied to a CD or 3.5
diskette. This will involve working 2 - 4 hours per
day, however you may choose to work more. At least 15
hours per week is required. Full training will be
provided, including; software that is downloaded to
your computer, an information packet, and a
duplication license. This information will teach you
how to receive and process the orders. In addition, we
offer full online support to help you set up the job
and start earning a second income. We will not leave
you stranded. If you do the job, as outlined in the
information packet, you will earn money. The software
and information are free but, we need to ask for a
$8.50 processing and shipping charge. The fee is to
cover the costs of training material and
administration for processing applications. There
will be no other charges to you, however the fee must
be received before your request will be processed. If
you are waiting for a response from an online company
that does not charge fees, you will be in for a long
wait as the companies I have experience with, charge
either some type of fee or investment; and the ones
that supposedly do not charge fees do not generate any
real, meaningful income.

No experience is necessary, however you must be
self-motivated and self-disciplined. You will need a
PC, printer of good quality, and an e-mail account.
Job is open to US residents only.

You can make $12.00 - $15.00 per completed order. You
can be paid by check, money order, or Paypal, however
you choose to set up the account. It normally takes
less than one hour to complete an order. The amount
you make is solely dependent on you. The more time
you devote to the job, the more orders you will get.

If you have a good quality printer, you can pay the
processing and shipping fee by credit card, e-check or
cash by clicking on the Paypal link below. Training
material is sent on a 3.5 diskette, however, a CD
version is available upon request. ... =USD&lc=US
If you are unsure if your printer is sufficient to do
the job, please print a copy of this e-mail on your
printer, including your:
Zip Code
E-mail address,
and mail it with the processing and shipping fee,
(money order or check, please no cash) to;

PO BOX 510524

Please allow at least 10 business days to receive your
software and information. Processing will start once
your fee has been received. If we do not accept your
request for any reason, the fee will be returned to
you. However, the fee is non-refundable once the
packet has been shipped, so please make sure you
understand the information and requirements before you
request the packet. Please do not send by priority,
express, certified or registered mail.


2.A Data Entry Clerk and/or Home Typist position
requires that you have a reliable computer with
constant Internet access and capabilities, a valid
E-mail account, basic Internet knowledge, and minimal
typing skills. You must also be able to conduct
yourself in a professional manner. This includes
having excellent grammar and spelling when
communicating with clients via E-mail. In addition to
the above requirements, you MUST be able to follow
instructions closely and completely! You will do all
contact via E-mail, so you will not be required to
call anyone at anytime. This allows you to work
whichever hours are most convenient for you (days,
night, or weekends). You will be processing
applications, as well as filling out forms in specific
company databases (this tends to be tedious at times,
so please be sure that you have the patience to do so
before proceeding). This is why you will need to have
basic Internet knowledge, though the training provided
will give you step-by-step instructions on how to
perform these tasks properly. There are no
"down-times" with this position, so you will have a
constant flow of work to complete. THIS IS NOT A GET
RICH QUICK SCHEME, so if that is what you are looking
for please do not pursue this opportunity. You will be
paid $20 for each application completed. The amount of
money you make, and how much time and effort you are
willing to put forth with this position is entirely up
to you. The average data entry clerk/home typist makes
$300-$500 each week.

When you have been accepted as a Data Entry Clerk
and/or Home Typist, you are considered an Independent
Contractor. This means that your taxes will not be
taken out; therefore, you will not be provided with
The training provided will go more in depth about what
to do with your taxes. You will receive your pay
through Paypal. When an application is completed, $20
will be credited to your Paypal account, and can be
withdrawn into your bank account at your leisure.

There is a one-time non-refundable fee for the
training package. This also includes all processing
fees and training costs. This is a one-time fee, and
there will be never be any other charges to you from
our company. However, the fee must be received before
you can gain access to the "Training Area" on our
website. We must accept this fee to cover training
costs, processing fees, as well as to ensure that only
serious applicants apply. This is a non-refundable
fee, so be sure that you understand what you are doing
before sending in your payment for the training
materials. This fee will not be waived for anyone, and
cannot be deducted from your first pay. This is
because if you do not process applications, you will
not have a first pay, and we will have already taken
the time to set you up, and train you.

Once your payment is received, you will be given a
Login ID and Password to gain immediate access to your
training materials. You will need to go to our website
at and click on
the "Training Area" link. You will need a word
processing program in order to perform this position
successfully (MS Word, Works, Notepad, etc.) Once you
have logged into our Training Area, you will be able
to access the training materials, and start working
from your home today. Most applicants typically
complete the training within 24 hours or less.
However, you can do this at your leisure. Keep in mind
that the sooner you go through the training materials,
the sooner you will start earning money. You will now
be able to stay at home with your family and earn
money at the same time. I will be able to be contacted
via E-mail at anytime after you have received your
training materials to help you get started, or answer
any questions you may have.

If you are serious about this position, meet all the
requirements, and are responsible enough to work from
home, then please contact me via E-mail and I will
inform you of the cost of the training packet, and how
to set up a Paypal or GreenZap account to send the fee
(if you do not already have an account with one of
these). You seem like an excellent candidate for this
position, and I hope that I hear from you again so I
can get you started right away! Please visit our
website as well to get a better feel for the data
entry and/or home typist work, and to answer any
questions that I may have not covered in this E-mail:


Jill Privette
HR Alert Clerk

EMAIL: [email protected]

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Hey, I just got this at home job where basically I'm supposed to try to find people who are interested in this company's data entry position. My position didn't ask for any money, I was hired without having to pay ... but not sure if the data entry position will ask for anything. Anyway I am just providing them with referrals so I don't do the actual hiring for the position, therefore don't know what's involved in getting hired. Anyway, I just thought I'd put that out there. :) If you want, you can send me an email at [email protected] ... if they do ask for money, obviously not a good thing and maybe you could get hired at my position (officially called an Online Hiring Manager) since I wasn't required to pay anything. Regardless, send me an email and I'll pass your name along to them. I get paid for each person I refer to them who they decide to hire so that's why I'm asking you to email me. :)

Most of their jobs involve customer services, but from what I read on the website, I don't think the data entry position requires anything like that ... but anyway. :)

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Oh yeah I've also looked at work at home jobs and when it came time for me to ask them about being hired, they always wanted a fee. One of them actually promised no selling, but in order for me to be hired I had to find five clients by doing cold calling!!!

And ya I agree ... if anything asks you for money, don't do it. You shouldn't have to pay for the right to work!!!
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