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Happy New Year everyone! :)

I found this article, could be helpful to some people. I found a $10 note in a jacket pocket the other day, it made my day lol.

1. Finding a $10 note in an old pair of jeans
2. Going on holiday
3. Getting into bed with freshly washed sheets
4. Swimming in the sea
5. Waking up on a sunny day
6. Sitting in the sun
7. Being surprised with a gift or flowers
8. Getting a nice message from a loved one
9. Cuddles
10. Receiving a thank-you card in the post
11. Seeing an elderly couple holding hands
12. Driving a car with the window down on a sunny day
13. Winning a $10 prize on the lottery
14. Booking a holiday
15. Hearing your favourite song
16. Finding a bargain
17. Seeing an old friend
18. A picnic in the park
19. Getting a promotion
20. A romantic night out
21. A song that reminds you of your past
22. Looking at old photos
23. Making a new friend
24. Having a quiet moment to yourself
25. Walks in the country
26. Hearing a baby laugh
27. A girls'/boys' night out
28. Waking up on a Saturday morning and realising it's the weekend
29. Chocolate
30. Eating cake
* A survey on behalf of Three Barrels Brandy

Full article here:
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