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The monsoons are here, and I have not asked my friends yet, buuuuttt I am pretty sure they will be busy with other things (READ: BORING AND LAZY asses) so...

I figured, well, maybe someone at SA wants to go to nogales with me?

Most likely not, as even the people I know who usually would want to go along are not interested in a prescription drug run. (Nothing illegal, it's for my mom)

I was thiniking of just eating bloody well, (Maybe try and find one of those steakhouses that serve that nogales cattle thats raised on wild oregano, thus the meat has a most unique and wonderful flavor.) And probly having a few drinks on my part, then heading back up to Tucson.

SO, the unlikely few who live in Arizona, actually read this, and the 3% of you that are interested..

Write me at [email protected], I promise nothing except that it is always good to get out, the food is going to be great, and it will probly be a beautiful drive as the clouds and skies are so lovely this time of the year.

Happy Monsoons People!
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