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Have you tried writing him a letter? I dated a girl who had some anxiety issues (wasn't social anxiety like us but anxiety none the less) and she also had a VERY hard time communicating certain issues she had. She actually would want a drink before telling me a few things so she could get the courage.

Anyways, when she wasn't comfortable talking I just told her to write it down then or text me. It can make it easy for you to tell him about yourself or whatever is going on and then you two can sit down and talk about it. I just don't reccomend having an entire conversation or discussion through text or letters alone because typed words can't express the same as in person and trying to work out issues through complete typing can lead to many misunderstanding and miscommunication which can lead to stick situations.

Good luck with it Delicate. The longer you wait the more it is going to eat at your soul. If you love him, let him know you don't want to lose him!
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