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There's a little bit more to being poked by 'look at the pretty pictures in this advert'

After creating a intentional, sincere mark of the person you are and what you have to offer does lead to being a dark, suffering target of psychologists (as they think of themselves) to erode your reputation. The constant playground games: Their special hidden client need someone very special like you who can do all of this perfectly... early days of my accurate description no longer functions. Goal snatched away from you by psychologists by simply labelling you as : "it's them!" Don't touch them! He, heee, heee, heee, ha, ha, ha, haaa!

I do live in a concocted world adapted from the Terminator 2 principles where people are to be mentally crushed. Instead of a mission to destroy skynet, the wish (impossible) would be to rid multiple corporate dominating reign of all media to bend minds to empty their wallets by giggling, chortling campaigns to invite only extremists to join them to reduce the remaining population to poverty

ha, ha, haa, a, ha...
I know exactly who is reading this in mockery. I regret posts which are not redeemable. No way back. No undo. I've made my mark

Does anything like this annoy you? Repetition of images, video, sounds, waving hands? Aimed at children to get them excited and absorbed. Sub-intellect mockery like thrown eggs you can't wipe off
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