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Early in my life I was excluded from a lot of things because some shrinks told me that whatever my parents' mental history, I might have the same issues too as we share the same genetic structure.

It might have some ring of truth to it - my dad likes to evade questions and create diversions instead of meeting a difficult situation or person head on. My mum likes to keep a close circle of friends and trust them a lot, and yes, she pays the price should her confidantes depart.

How does that relate to me?

That's exactly why I have SA related symptoms!

I for one did not understand why I was so easily affected by socio-cultural influence from the world around me, until I started taking what I recall from a decade past seriously and charted down my individual weaknesses.

Once they were all on paper it was easy to rationalise where my SA originated - from my parents. Perhaps my dad doesn't really suffer as much because he has excellent charismatic speaking skills, and my mum, being a woman, can rely on others for support, but the two combined do not give me much of a choice!

Until I started devising countermeasures, learning to accept or deny external influences as I see fit. Sometimes the hard approach works best, and it is the case here because I do not have my parents to rely on.

And once I refuted my limitations as mere genetic hardcoding that can be overridden by intelligent thinking, well, it's like a noose removed from the neck.

So if you're near to giving up hope on yourself, don't. We have consciousness for a reason - to adapt and evolve no matter how hard it seems to be.
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