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It needs to be regular - heavy exercise up the hill & back from the gym makes a perfect day

Too easy to fall into the trap of letting yourself be bored. Indoors - email, news, food, TV and this website but nothing worthy. So many days go by. Going to bed in the day has a reason. A way to stop obsessing about the null situation.

When food runs out but scared to spend money reaching bankruptcy - waiting for some input with no trustworthy period.

Meeting at a bar is so good for a laugh but pushing boundaries of sensibility on a forlorn budget.

When the car won't start. Charging the spare. Scrapings for a spicy meal but no rice in the cupboard. No local corner shops have reasonable rice. Got milk but no muesli or coffee. Only available at big warehouse supermarkets

A day out in the rain & wind makes me happy in bare limbs, sandals, refreshed, but every other person seemed shocked in their plight, swaddled in their layers of protection
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