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I know you do.
SA people have so many thoughts going on in their heads that they can't speak out, so writing them down has to be one way to let them out.
I used to write a little, before my current state of emotional haze has taken over.
It invariably involved a girl. Nothing inspires me more than a broken heart (which is the status quo most of the time).
I write with rhymes and meter. I don't care much for poetry that is prose written in short lines.
Here's something I wrote about 3.5 years ago. Tell me what you think. I wrote it after I broke up with my gf whom I had to see everyday at school, and who seemed to be feeling pretty swell (or acting as if), as opposed to my melancholy.
I called it confusion.

He's looking at her,
But he cannot be sure
Is this the same girl that he used to adore?
'Cause she looks just the same,
Only brighter, and softer
Her face, where once pain dwelt,
Now lighted with laughter
A weight, so it seems, lifted
Off of her shoulders
She looks almost the same,
But stronger and bolder.
Like a curtain was drawn
To reveal all life's blessings
She looks quite the same,
But something is missing.

He looks just like me,
When he wakes up at morning,
Drags his feet to the bus,
Overwhelmed by his yawning
He's one of the best,
Always knows what he's doing
Getting A's in the tests
As if there's nothing to it
And at night at the bus stop
Too weary to speak,
Through the jacket winds crush
On his body like sticks
And he crawls back to bed
A hard day's now exhausted
Thinks of something he had
And not long ago lost it
I can't put my finger
On what illness seized him
This guy looks like me, yes
But something is missing.

Oh, and I'd love to read whatever you guys have written.

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I like that :) Good use of rhyme and metre.

I used to write angsty emo poetry as a teenager, when I was about 14-18 I suppose. I thought it was great. It wasn't. I haven't really been able to write much poetry since. I sometimes used rhyme sometimes not but I never was very good at metre. Mostly it was prosey.

I keep meaning to try writing poetry again but I find it so hard these days. It was easy when I was angsty but now I'm kind of bored and numb so it's hard to do much of anything.
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