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I have a friend here in Irvine that is making 5,000 dollars a loan! My paycheck ends up being about 700 dollars every 2 weeks, while his is between 4 to 10k. He has to do a lot of phone work though, so I was wondering if anyone here does loans and how does it effect your SA?

I'm thinking of actually starting off as a junior loan processor (apposed to a loan agent), which means a lot of data entry and making sure all the paperwork is in order... for that you get just an hourly pay, but its around 2,500 a month... And then you can become a sr. processor and make money on each file (loan) plus your hourly pay. This is a more safer route to go then just starting off as a loan agent I guess... and plus you don't have to do any sales work...

so, if anyone here has done either the loan agent or processor, please let me know how it is... I figure there probably won't be many people with SA doing this job though.
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