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Well, I am a dental assistant but the medical assisting field has some similarities( i know people in the field).. medical assisting pays a little less but gives a little more benefits.
A ma can be slower during work (not rushed as much) but must know more terminology then most da. both fields need logical thinking, good with anatomy etc.. neither job in my opinion is the best for someone with SA... im still a da since its the only thing i know how to do besides art... these are some pros & cons for ma wich are also similar to da

benefits from working at a hospital 401, medical,dental, etc
job security
little money spent on clothing since you wear scrubs etc
people tend to think your sooo smart lol
you may have more then 1 option as an ma or can specialize in one area

pay is low
constant socializing
co workers at hospital are not always the easiest people to deal with
patients are not always very nice
job description may include some dirty work
if not careful enough you may be exposed to diseases
you may see someone die
you may be given waay too many duties...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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