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Just got off the phone with these people, whew that was anxiety provoking but it was worth it. It sounds like a good idea...check it out.

Drexel University offers a free online treatment program for
(ages 18-65) suffering from social anxiety disorder and living
in the
United States. This program is part of a research study
examining the
efficacy of a treatment for social anxiety delivered through an
internet-based program called Second Life.

This cognitive-behavioral treatment consists of 12 weekly hour-
sessions with a therapist. You will be taught techniques to
help cope
with anxious thoughts and feelings. You will also have the
to practice these techniques and improve your social skills. No
medication is involved. If you enroll in this study, you will
be asked
to fill out several online questionnaires before, during, and
your treatment period.

For more information, visit:

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I had heard of the one mentioned by CyclingSoPhob. When I joined Second Life, in March, I tried to "friend" the man who led that group, and was rejected, with no explanation. (Nice!) I guess he's no longer doing it.

I might try signing up for this one. Thanks for posting. :)

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I've tried it once but it was way too confusing. And it was actually anxiety provoking for me.
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