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Anyone familiar with modding your Wii? I need some help.

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Okay, so I have successfully installed the Homebrew Channel and the latest version of the Gecko OS to my Wii. My main reason for this is so I can play PAL games.

I live in the US and have an NTSC Wii and TV. My question will this work on my TV. I have two different, but old TV's.

I have one tv that has a black plug for an antenna and that's it.

And I have one tv that has a black plug for an antenna and the yellow, white and red plugs.

So what do I do? I'm not buying a new there a chance that it will just work the way it is?
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I think you'll prob get a black and white picture if you're trying to output PAL to an old NTSC TV. The yellow white and red plugs would be for composite.. i think that's the default cable you get with the Wii anyway right? (I bought a component one later on)

You use Gecko OS to load games right? In the settings it should have an option, 'Force PAL60', set that to yes and hopefully it works. I use USB loader GX and there's a similar setting - no idea if it works though as i've got a HDTV so never needed it.

If it doesn't work it might be a black and white image and you'd need an analog PAL > NTSC converter, i think.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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