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They talked about that on a radio show "Rovers Morning Glory" a few months back. The guy was guest on the show. Glad you mentioned have to look for.

All of a sudden yesterday the whole radio station that was 93x here disappeared. It's some sports station now. Had been around a decade.
Guess the economy. Was really really weird. No notice or word about just 'poof'. I found out this morning with other people wondering wtf.

I have a copy of a cannabis cup vid from ?2003 that was kind of similar. they filmed this small group of like 6 people on a boat docked at harbor in amsterdam & they just smoked diff. kinds all day & judged them. I forget how long they were planned to be there. Probably a week or two during the cup.

I felt they were to rushed to give proper decisions though & it was funny how some folks bailed after a few days. They were allowed off & on the boat whenever they wished but couldn't take the endless supply availble on the boat with. Some folks just couldn't take being high a few days though & went home. I was suprised. Especially the way they presented themselves upon arrival. There was footage from the cup that year & a couple bands too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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