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Basically just really need to get this rang out and maybe gain some advice on how to deal with a horrible parent.
I strongly dislike my 'dad'. I have for a good 6 years now. There's many reasons which I can't be bothered to go into because they were so long ago but I woll go into some ones happening now.

1. He never gives me the money he owes me. I never get it on time and I'm lucky if I get it at all. This money is vital as im saving for uni. He doesn't care though.

2. He's a generally selfish person. He only ever for anything for himself. Ever.

3. He has never took interest in my life. Never been to a parents evening. He hasn't been in any of my past 3 schools. Never ask about school work. Doesn't ask about uni. Always too busy to go on the open days etc. I think I would die if my dad actually asked how my day was or what homework I have. Is that normal? Should he be expected to? He's never done this and it's too late now. I would have done anything for a dad who asked me how my day was and helped me with my work.

4. He always thinks the worst of me. Can anyone relate yet? I'm 17. I'm alway sat in my room revising, don't drink, I have a steady boyfriend of two years. Don't get into trouble. Yet he assumes I'm out having sex, drinking, doing drugs. He assumes I fit into his stereotype of a typical teenager. He treats me like I'm this person when I'm not.

5. He undermines me. I don't think he thinks I'm going to be successful one day, he doesn't expect me to be strong and independent just racist my mums not.

Also can someone help to determine if alcohol brings some of this on. He's never been labelled an alcoholic as such but I think he is. He drinks very day at least 3 cans. I've never seen him without a drink. Very rarely. Could this passion towards alcohol be getting in the way of how he should be treating me?

Sorry that's it's long, and well done of you got to the end of it.
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