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This will be my fourth semester in college. The first week or two is always pretty difficult for me. These are some of the things I go through. I'm wondering if any of you have similar experiences.

1) I'm always afraid that the professor is going to ask each person in the class to introduce his/herself. This often accompanies a request along the lines of: "say one/two interesting things about yourself." This situation tends to be particularly intimidating for me, and my heart starts to race as the instructor goes student by student and asks them to speak. To be honest with you, I have trouble thinking of one interesting to say...

2) I also tend to be frightened if the syllabus indicates that there is an oral component to the grade (like a presentation). I'm taking French this semester and the class of course has a big oral component and participation grade. Very worried about it, but I'm really trying hard to not give in to anxiety and drop the class.

3) If there's a group project as part of the grade - that's bad too, makes me want to drop the course. I always hope that the professor will just assign us groups rather than ask us to form them on our own. Usually I don't have anybody in the class to work with and everyone else seems to just form their groups so quickly, leaving me to awkwardly say that I don't have a group.

Most of these fears tend to pass after a few weeks and I settle into the class. Recognizing that doesn't seem to make RIGHT NOW any easier though.
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