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Anyone else looking for a new job?

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I mean I am currently employed full time but I just can't take that place anymore, it is so soul sucking and life killing. No respect for clients, no respect for employees, I'm soooooooo tired of having to lie to clients and get treated like **** by illiterate management. There is no way up and it feels like sometimes there is no way out. I know the economy sucks a lot now but that is not going to stop me from trying. I need to get out of this dump asap.
Anyone else feeling like this?
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me neither. the economy isn't too bad here in Canada, I still see enough decent postings and I may hit the agencies and do temp work. In fact, I'm pretty positive this is the direction I want to go. 6 months here, 3 months there, I have a little savings account so I'd tell them they could take a little while between jobs. Boss is an *******? no worries, you won't ever see his face again in a few months. office politics? well they won't involve me because its no use having a temp on your side. Good old EI sponsored vacations, getting good references and learning new skills. Seriously though, I work in transport and my mom calls it Scum on Wheels. Its an appalling joke. Its like this reversed thing where good qualities are discouraged. Anyway good luck to you.
trucking, pick ups and deliveries and linehaul. a pretty big transport in North America. Transport is notoriously rough but this would make anyone's ears burn. there's a woman on my softball team who is customer service with one of our clients and she's always dealing with our customer services and I've come close to spilling the beans on the company to her. If I find another job it just might happen.
lol I'm probably familiar with your company although we don't do much Canadian stuff. We have moved some cucumbers up there. Where strictly a freight brokerage company with no assets no trucks or anything so imagine all the lying we have to do to get money. Your right though. This is one of the most stressful businesses you can be in. The lies just trickle from top to bottom and eventually the drivers just get screwed. Caravan Logistics perhaps?
nope, its not Caravan. We have offices in the States and some pretty big terminals. I know all about lying as I used to work for a customs broker. i remember being transferred to LVS and the supervisor couldn't even really explain to us what our purpose was. it made no sense. Luckily I was only doing data entry so I didn't have to lie to clients.
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