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Anyone in a B.ed program? I just got into Queen's (Canada) and will be starting in Sept. After becoming a miserable and professionally failed lawyer I'm not thrilled about it but I assume it can lead to a reasonably comfortable career. I only want to teach primary.

If anyone has lesson plans or study stuff from their B.ed or their teaching experience they can share with me that would be great. And anyone at Queen's in general is welcome to contact me.

I also got into a part time msw program. seems a bit better in some ways but i don't want to do it if it's part time and plus i figure i should take the opportunity just to get any Queen's degree even if i try to get into a full time msw afterward. I'm feeling a bit down about the whole thing but that's life right...gotta find a career even if it's not what you really want.

I wish I could just do something I'd be happy with. Well...I think I can be happy as a teacher so I will operate on the assumption that it will be rewarding. Then I'll see about another program once I'm done this one. Unless I get a ft perm union job...then I'll just keep a secure position. But I heard getting a ft perm union position is difficult these which case i'm screwed??
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