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I did pretty well in high school but college was a different story.

Naturally, I preferred the large classes where you could just sit unnoticed and listen to the lecture. However, my Expository Writing class was a nightmare. It was a small class of about 20-30 students and the professor would call on anyone at anytime. Of course, I was constantly petrified. Sure enough, the professor asked a question and called on me. I had no clue what I was saying. I started babbling and going on and on nonsensically. After I'd finished, my professor sarcastically said something to the effect that, "That answer was just about as clear as Mike Dukakis was during the debate last night." (this was 1988 when Dukakis was running for president...I know, I'm dating myself!)

Well, that humiliation was enough for me. I didn't attend a single class after that. Nor did I tell anyone. I would leave my dorm every morning as if I were going to class and would wander the campus all day. In the end, I was kicked out of school after my first semester as I wasn't completing any assignments. And that was the end of my college experience.

My brother tried to make me feel better by saying he forgot everything he learned in college. :)

1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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