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Any other teachers here?

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I have been a teacher for about 7 years. Usually I can do the job OK and fill the role.

Anyone else?
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Hello Jajdude,

I have been a teacher since 1978. (Although, not in any one grade or subject for that long.) Let's see, the most I was in the same position was when I taught 6th grade Health for 4 years in a middle school.

It used to be easier to hide in my classroom and teach, now with NCLB I am seldom alone and to be quite honest--it's rough--sometimes extremely rough. :fall

My stress hormones were making me very ill this year. :afr

Thank God summer break is here. :boogie It will take me all summer just to come down off my cortisol and adrenalin high. :duel

What is your story, my friend and colleague?

Star :banana
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evilution said:
I had to resurrect this old post. Im a teacher too and i feel fine working with kids. However, interacting with other teachers can be hard.
Yes, Evilution, this is an old post. I started reading the second post without looking at the name to the left and it sounded sooooooo I then looked at the name and saw my own! :lol :b

Of course this is not the first time I've done that, either!

BTW...I like your username, Evilution! Do your students know it, and are you evil? ;)

I agree with you 100%...interacting with other adults can be hard. in fact it is without a doubt the hardest part of teaching--for me as an SAer.

Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2005 9:56 am Post subject:
...Garsh, that was only 3 days after summer vacation began last year! It won't be long until it's here again--I always feel like after the new year begins--that time literally flies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Star :banana
The children make it worth it, Popcorn!

Some of the competitive, a**hole adults are a waste, but kids are just plain cool. 8)

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