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Hello, has anyone read this book? I'm currently in the middle of reading it, it has some amazing advice in it and it is really thorough. I'm trying to avoid using medications to treat this, and I'm hoping this book will be a good substitute in the long-run.
He manages to address different kinds of anxiety in it as well, including Social Phobia. It's almost as good as seeing a real psychologist, he seems to be able to guess all the pit-falls a person can meet in the program. Example: he reminds you not to just read the book on "bad" days, but to promise yourself you'll also work on the program on days when your anxieties aren't acting up as badly.

All in all he seems to have really extensive experience with people who've used his program, and all his "tricks" make sense, the hard thing is remembering all of them.

Here's a link to his book:
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