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I have something like this and it happened maybe 3 months ago when I had some problems at work and I quit job. I feel fear most of the time and that fear is in my stomach (I felt one night how fear is filling up my stomach area), and I can't talk for long. There is something in the back of my throat that makes it hard to speak, and then I swallow saliva and it looks like I'm going to start crying. And it's related to sinuses also (congested). When I talk to somebody and a sad subject comes up, something comes from my stomach area (adrenaline, I suppose) and spreads to my shoulders and shuts down my throat area and I can't speak. It's true that I'm holding some suppressed emotions inside of me, but I don't know how to get them out (not sure if that is the reason). I lost my confidence 90%. Can't even speak with my parents (I live alone). I was able to fix it one time in a matter of seconds (I was writing on the computer about the things that happened to me and before that for the first time in my life I had strong energy drink and in one moment I felt my body filling up with endorphins (I guess) and when it filled up my stomach area throat tightness was gone and I could talk normally without any problems and depression was gone (I felt strong palpilations and my blood pressure shoot up to 190 over 110). Few days after that I felt great, but after one party I had panic attack in the morning (finished in emergency) and everything reversed, so I'm kind of scared to try it again. Do those signs look lie anxiety or something else?

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