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Alright so, I have always been shy and been told to just deal with it. I do feel I deal with it rather well.

How do you deal with being as shy as me in the workplace?

I can honestly say I do not talk whenever I work. I can go through an 8 hour shift without saying a word to anyone, except the necessary "Hi how are you" or "Can I help you?" that my job requires. FYI, I work in Fast-Food. Lol. I do not think it really is the best work for my personality, but... its where I'm at :p

My main problems/issues are that I do not speak to a single co-worker (I'll answer with yes and no, or other questions, but no conversation) and I also do not think I'm a very good worker. I'm a bit slow, and what I notice the most about me is I am extremely bad with stress. I get so caught up in anticipation and worry that I start tasks, but can't finish them well. I am constantly thinking about what could go wrong. ALSO, this may sound weird, but absolutely hate when people are watching me work. In the set up of fast food, I work in the kitchen mostly, and the managers and coworkers are always looking at you. I hate it. I start shaking, getting paranoid. I really cannot even make eye contact with alot of people. It's just terrible.

But anyhow, I think on a scale of one to ten as a worker, I'm about a 5 or 6. I do things, I help out, but nobody misses me when I'm gone. I also can't see me moving up much, and rounded I get about 20 hours a week.

So .... to sum all that up: How can I be social in the workplace? (As I do think this might have the do with the amount of hours I get, based on if managers and co-workers like working with me ) and How can I focus more on tasks, and fear less/have less anxiety ?

It's terrible because I really need to work more than I do. I need to make more money, but I think the reason why I can't, are these things ... :( Please help.
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