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im new to this website so hopefully i'll do this right.

I wanted to ask if anyone here had social / anxiety so bad that it made them quit where they were working. i have a well paying job however i just cant cope with it anymore, ive done it for 2 years and over the time ive just been getting worse and worse. every day has been like crippling torture but now ive just had enough of it. i have been off sick for a couple weeks but have to return soon , and i dont think i can.

And even though ive tried medication and therapy it all failed ive been trying to get out and do things but it seems that the more i go out, the worse it gets.

i was just worried about how i' ll live when im poor or what options you can have if your in this situation. over all this time it seems that no one cares.

my ' family ' have said its up to you and that you will regret it. but it seems that after endless doctors appointments and talks with my family, that maybe, now im going to leave my job you'll take me seriously and that i might just have a problem

any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated,

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