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I am only in my twenties, and have no longstanding injuries caused by physical truama.
But for the last year of so(when my anxiety have gotten worse) I have started getting pain in alot of my joints.
When I walk I get mild(sometimes worse) pain in my knees, and hips.
My upper neck vertebae also ache and I can feel a pounding sensation in my neck.
Anything that causes me to fully bend my knees(squatting,kneeling, sitting on floor etc.) caused me knee pain.
I can also not stand still for long periods of time because of knee pain.
Some days the pain nearly goes away, some days it worsens and it is a labour to walk(walking outside is hard as is, because my anxiety seems to wreck my posture and sends my heart beating.)

My lower back and wrists, elbows and shoulders also ache from time to time( nothing severe).

I was wondering if anyone if experiencing physical pain, that they feel is caused(partially or otherwise), exaberated , or brought forth by their anxiety.

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I agree with Faded Lines -- you should go to a doctor. I don't know how old you are, but joint pain could be due to arthritis. I know, because I've got it myself, but it isn't related to anxiety.

I get a lot of headaches, and I know THAT is anxiety-related because I'm always so tense :(
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