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I am looking for something relatively safe that doesn't have serious side effects like seizures. I currently take 5-HTP daily and that isn't doing a whole lot. I also have OCD, social anxiety, and hypoglycemia, as well as low energy levels.

I have looked in to supplements a lot and I found phenibut really interesting but it sounds really dangerous, and I'd like to find something somewhat cheap to take that isn't addictive that has effects like it.

I want something(s) that will make me...
-Have a boost of self-confidence like alcohol does.
-More conversational and social
-Alert and quick to think
-Relaxed and less tense
-Overall happy and positive

I have checked out piracetam and choline a lot but it seems very pricey. What is a good stimulant/nootropic supplement or stack I can take to get these desires?
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