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often worry that people at work or friends, dislike me, I look for the little things that could signify that they might not like me. It is often small things like; them not asking me to come to the canteen with them or not entering my name onto the list of friends in our forum (even if we were meant to be quite close). Things like this often make me worry all night about the fact they might not like me.
I am one of the people in the office that makes people laugh and could be called the office clown. But worry that sometimes people are not laughing with me but at me.
Also if someone is quietly talking to someone else I always assume it is about me.
I try to be nice to everyone but if someone is not happy I always assume their bad mood is my fault and is directed at me.
There is one girl in the office that is not liked very much and I worry that I could be just like her and people secretly hate me.
People say that that I rarely get talked about and that I am popular but I still worry that they could be lying.
If someone gives a little critism I always assume it means i am disliked and that if one person dislikes me so muct everyone else.
I look for body language as a way of seeing if people like me and often think they like others more or dislike me altogether.
Every time someone says something that is could be seen as 'nasty' i take it that they don't like me even if they have been nice to me before.
I often look for reasurrence but they say i am just being paranoid.
Does anyone else get these worries?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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