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Its a medecine made with nothing but alllllllll natural ****. It does basically the same thing, instead of slowing your seretonin and your nophereine( The 2 major neurotransmitters) it adds more, so the wait to see results im guessing is alot quicker, and NO SIDE EFFECTS. im sorry but it jus seems so promissing. check the link out and let me know what you think? shuld i even try or not even bother wasting my time.?

research all the herbs listed, and you'll notice why it sounds so good. ... e=overture

You can do this!
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This is not "all-natural". It comes in a plastic bottle, bound to gelatin, stuffed into capsules, processed in a factory. This is no more natural than any drug. It gets to claim to be "all-natural" simply because it hasn't applied to the FDA. Any substance used to treat or cure any disease or illness is a drug, by definition.

Sounds like yet another herbal blend which is overpriced and basically a sugar pill. Let's see what's in these $40 bottles:

Vitamin C
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Folic Acid
Panax Ginseng

Great. So it's a multivitamin, plus some amino acids (why not just drink a protein shake?), ginseng (no proven efficacy for any classifiable mental illness), GABA (which can't cross the blood-brain barrier by the way, so this is just getting peed out), and "vinpocetine", whatever that is. Contains a tiny amount of 5HT, an amount so small that it's unlikely to produce any noticeable effects. It sounds like it would be much less expensive to buy that separately and take it that way.

I'd say a better idea is to take a multivitamin and a b-vitamin complex (which I do advocate for everyone on the board regardless of what meds they do or don't take). This is inexpensive and is good for you. Then if you insist on taking serotonin directly instead of a drug that has proven efficacy to increase levels (because it's "natural"), try buying some 5-HTP separately so you can adjust the dosage to meet your individual needs. And if you want amino acids, buy some bulk whey protein and slug that down, it's good for you.

I give Anxietol 7 a thumbs down. I give smart vitamin supplementation a thumbs up, although vitamins don't come close to being as effective as meds, at least for me.
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