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i'm not a poet or artist, but I write a lot of song lyrics. I don't call them anything else. They are rarely put to music. I usually don't like them, but this one really sings in my head, and I'm about to pick up the guitar and try to record something. reminds me of a lot of songs I've heard, looking back at things and looking at the present, and just wanting to move on.

Thought you'd take a ride back home
To see if anyone is home
If they're doing the same old thing
Thought that you were done with this
Have no choice to come back and see
Exactly how you'd continue being

Took your favorite fantasies, thoughts to bed
Thought you'd dream of something warm
Once more again
Thought you'd get to bed early
Sleep away the extra hours
Left in the night you'd otherwise drink away

If someone called would there be praise
Would you be happy if they stayed
Or feel just the same after they left
Wonder why no one stops by
Too far or too boring
Or not much to use you for

This is not
But this is all
That makes you upset

Time to leave this routine
Hard to know if it's too much a risk
and face the fact it changes so many things
Still you believe there's something more
Can't make believe what's now
Won't continue on for just as long
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