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Hi everyone:D!

I just joined earlier this week, but didn't get a chance to make any posts at the time.

I have sociophobia/socialanxiety, depression, instances of obsessive compulsive disorder (not diagnoses, just obsessive tendencies - especially in cleaning, checking, and a tendency toward "body dysmorphia" as well) Yesterday it took me 2 hours to get out the door of my place!!!

I was on another board for quite some time, but recently left there. I didn't feel particularly supported by people on there. Anyway, here I am and I am just alone too much. My goal is mostly to get together with people on here in the various forums (categories, etc.); and hopefully have a rapport and/or make some online friends.

There may be times when I am not able to post (not online), it's due to circumstances beyond my control at the moment. I hope that does not mean I can't make friends on here.

I also don't like talking on the phone. I'm better with e-mail and/or conventional mail.

Well there's more about me, but I'll stop for now.
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