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I am fed up with the "to be in fear is to be apart from God" lecture.

Poeple who speak this garb, are totally ignorant but innocently so.

I heard this yet again, at mass on Saturday night, being Pentecost time and everything.

Well, I truly know God to be right there at my side, in the darkest of fears.
He puts the resources in my path, He has put people in my life that give me hope, He is constantly tugging at me, to reach out to others. He is my daily companion. I dont always get what I pray for, maybe I do, its just not comprehensible in this life.
If the first sentence held any true content, I would have fell away so long ago.
Selfishly so, my return back to God was partially despair and fear.
I am not angry, just bothered.


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What is fear in this sense?

I doubt the priest meant it to refer to anxiety disorders per se, but even so, I almost agree with him. I consider fear to be a force in my life that separates me from my potential, from others, and from my God.

Then again, we are told to "fear God". What does that mean? (I don't know, I'm asking.) Does fearing God bring us closer to Him or does it separate us from Her? Beats me. Maybe it's used in a different sense.

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I was feeling particularly low on that weekend, and I took the fear lecture personally.
I dont know what it means to "Fear God" I respect Him, totally, if that's the same. I dont like the word fear though.

I will say that fear, is holding me back from blossoming, I do try my darndest, with the best that I can.

So, you have returned from your sabbatical, a few from here were worried they wouldnt be reading your stuff anymore, they were reassured of your return.

Hope your doing fine.


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for the longest time I never understood the
word Fear in context of God..
actually it was was one of many reasons I rejected Him so many time..
what the hey, I wasnt going to believe in someone I was surpossed to fear,
gee, I had enough fears...

but after asking this Question to a pastor, and bringing it up on another forum,

and now realizing that the word fear has a whole different meaning in greek, and to our God..

Proverbs 8: 13
The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.

This helped me understand that this is not the type of fear that sends us cowering in the corner. No, this is the type of fear that comes out of respect and reverence, which is developed through knowledge and fosters wisdom. It could also be described as coming into relationship with God. To fear God is to desire to please him and seek His righteousness.
quote from MSmith on another forum
by MSmith writing this, on First Christians Forum,helps me see the diference...

also doing a quick check in the Concordance..there are really alot of references to fear....

just some thoughts..


ps..great to see your name again Frogamigo!
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