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Like a few, I bypassed this step when joining.

I personally don't believe talking to similar people could 'save' me, nor do I wish for a few mandatory welcomes.

My story? I think i've been reclusive all of my life, though as time goes on, it becomes more obvious.. Right now I should be partying, experimenting, perhaps killing time on some university course, but in truth, even if I was outgoing, I wouldn't want to participate in such things.

I don't have friends. I have a few acquaintances who I rarely hear from.

What am I looking for? pfff... a job would be great.

Even these sites seem to have cliques.

I have little hope left... maybe someone out there is the same as I...same tastes in things...same morals... maybe not. If anything, I guess writing this is just cathartic. Until I choose to delete it, a vague insight into my life is written down, somewhere.

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