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Week 7

I thought I plateaued. Then I realised that this is negative thinking. I have actually made progress in some areas.

Landing a job

Landed a freelance project so still busy with that. Learning by doing is always the best teacher for me

My Depression & Anxiety

I feel lonely. I feel like my anxiety has picked up a little. I have to remind myself to chill. I've decided to deliberately practice my therapy strategies instead of just moving forward with new content. I've made a chart and I'm going to deliberately practice a few statements and strategies whenever negative thoughts come into my head. I'm not sure if this is a good idea or if I should just continue with the next week of the therapy series. My brain mostly goes toward the negative. I need to change my brains natural thinking to gradually move toward the positive. I now understand why people practice gratefulness. It forces the brain to deliberately focus on a few positive things in our lives. I'm going to start gratefulness practice this week when I wake up as one of my strategies to reprogram my brain.

My Social Life
I have been making plans with friends and relatives. I think I'm making good progress with this. Slow and steady, and before I know it, I'll be one of them social ones :p.

My Physical Health
In the past I pushed hard with my physical health and made a lot of progress. Didn't help much because i didn't put in as much work on my mental health. With my new plan I put in I put in twice as much time into my mental health. If I feel that I want to workout more, then I have to up the mental health work. This rule makes sure that I prioritise mental health over physical. Its also provides me with a good life balance.

My Physical Appearance
Just the fact that I have this listed as one of my tasks makes me actively work toward presenting myself in a better manner. It makes me take care of myself.

My Spiritual Health
I've been cutting out tv time in order to extend my time with my guitar. I cant say that it is as de-stressing as watching a good show, but it is fulfilling in other ways. I've managed to cut tv time to weekends.

My Love Life
I try not to think about it. I'm working on myself right now and I just want to keep making progress

My living space
I've been keeping the place in good nick

I think one of the keys to my recovery is overcoming shame. The anxiety subsided over the years( No more panic attacks etc.) I just have the shame associated with the after effects of having SA my entire life. I'm so glad that I'm still making progress. I lost a lot of time and I try not to think about that. It feels odd to say, but I'm looking forward to what the future holds
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