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I was just kicked out of the chatroom for using a font that he did not like. No where does it state that using an objectionable font is against TOS. The font is made available for everyone to use. If you don't want me to use it, then don't make it available. I suggest the administrator review this moderator's history and seriously consider stripping him of his duties.

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He was using a yellow font that was only possible to read if the text was selected. I asked him to change the font color and he refused.

2009-05-16 06:09:20 PM Amocholes Veryshy - please change your font color
2009-05-16 06:09:25 PM veryshyperson no

2009-05-16 06:09:27 PM kimcb7 lil how do i add u
2009-05-16 06:09:28 PM THANK YOU AMO
2009-05-16 06:09:30 PM veryshyperson i dont want to
2009-05-16 06:09:30 PM lango thank you amo
2009-05-16 06:09:37 PM kim my skype name is eldiegrrl13
2009-05-16 06:09:39 PM you have to do a search
2009-05-16 06:09:51 PM BrokenDreams He has been purposely annoying all of us with his fonts today Amo
2009-05-16 06:09:57 PM indeed
2009-05-16 06:10:00 PM Amocholes Would you prefer to leave?
2009-05-16 06:10:01 PM veryshyperson i have not been purposely been doing anything

2009-05-16 06:10:04 PM Everlong 91 fo shizzle
2009-05-16 06:10:07 PM veryshyperson i am not breaking any tos
2009-05-16 06:10:10 PM SolidSnake If I had xanax right now I would come on skype lol
2009-05-16 06:10:20 PM you KNOW it's annoying everyone, vsp
2009-05-16 06:10:20 PM SolidSnake Or at least a few beers in me
2009-05-16 06:10:23 PM veryshyperson if you dont want me to use this font then dont make it available
2009-05-16 06:10:25 PM whoa who just added me on skype?
2009-05-16 06:10:40 PM Everlong 91 so are you guys goin on skype or stayin on here??
2009-05-16 06:10:50 PM lango im trying to dl the skype
2009-05-16 06:10:53 PM i'm doing both cesar
2009-05-16 06:10:58 PM Everlong 91 cheater
2009-05-16 06:11:15 PM BrokenDreams I have just put veryshy on ignore. I everyone does he'll get bored and go away
2009-05-16 06:11:17 PM Nicolay quit the room
2009-05-16 06:11:30 PM i unblocked him because i thought amo would make him change it, but it looks like he's not.
2009-05-16 06:11:32 PM veryshyperson ok uve said that about 20 times now
2009-05-16 06:11:38 PM veryshyperson we get the picture

2009-05-16 06:11:47 PM Everlong 91 why nmot just change it??
2009-05-16 06:11:57 PM veryshyperson because i dont want to?
2009-05-16 06:12:10 PM BrokenDreams Because he likes to be annoying Ever
2009-05-16 06:12:12 PM Everlong 91 you sound like my lil 6 year old brother
2009-05-16 06:12:12 PM veryshyperson it reminds me of sunny days and what not
2009-05-16 06:12:19 PM ...
2009-05-16 06:12:21 PM lango but shy, its not about you
2009-05-16 06:12:24 PM veryshyperson quit the room
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