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Turns out; Nicole (formely known as Bloody Eye Ball) won America's Next Top Model. :eek: First episode I thought; "wow whe might suffering from social anxiety... so what the .... is she doing in the competition??" I guess I'm a pessimistic and just assume that having SA is a blocker for acheiving anything in life. :no uh-uh. That Nicole; she is America's Next Top Model now and I am so happy for her. :clap Isn't it that she is a great role model? She seems to be a very genuine, nice person.

Anyway... just saying: us socially anxious people can conquer the world!!:boogie

Given that Nicole can be A Top Model, Babines wants to be a model too. :D

In an interview, she said:

You seemed to overcome that shyness by the time of your first Covergirl commercial. How did you channel all that charm and energy?

"That was the hard thing, because that's really me. After filming that Covergirl commercial, the judges told me that it was great, but they were like, "Nicole, you're so fake!" And I wanted so badly to say, "That's really who I am!" because I do have energy when I'm comfortable. I just got so uncomfortable in front of the cameras, they couldn't see it."

How confident were you going into that final panel?

"I really didn't feel very confident at all. When Laura was chosen as the other finalist, I was worried because I knew that the competition was going to be really close, because she had really endeared herself to the judges by that point. They loved her, and she has such a great look and personality for Covergirl. And the panel had critiqued my personality a lot more than they showed on the show, my awkwardness. I thought it might have done me in."

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