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Hey everyone,
I've always felt that I was shy but recently I have looked into the possibility that I am socially anxious. Before I go into greater depths and seek professional help, I'm looking for you guys to let me know whether you think I actually do suffer from this.

Basically, I'm 22 years old and have never been out on a date. When it comes to interacting with females I am always good for a joke but I am terrified of making a move. I'm constantly worried if they know people who know me and if it will get back to my network of people that I asked someone out. I asked a girl to my high school prom only after one of her best friends told me she wanted me to ask her. I asked out one other girl in college only to be rejected because she was already seeing someone else. When I asked her out, I waited until the end of the semester because I felt like the rest of the year would be unbearable to go to class with her. Any time I see this girl on campus, she probably doesn't remember me, but my heart rate increases and I speed out of sight.

I feel as though people are always looking at me or judging me. When I walk past people that I don't know (and sometimes that I do know) I look into the ground to avoid eye contact. I've got people that I consider friends but I never hang out with them because I feel awkward in those situations. I generally just wait around for there to be a situation where they are pretty much forced to be with me. I never call people (including who I would call my better friends) to hang out or just to talk. I often feel like when I'm conversing with someone I say something stupid that I shouldn't say or that I am boring them. I also find myself interrupting a lot in social situations with useless jokes or stories that nobody probably finds interesting.

One thing that always throws me off, however, is the fact that I am actually a decent public speaker. I enjoy getting in front of a crowd and talking and I feel that I do a good job at it. I don't stammer on my words and I can actually hold the attention of a crowd.

EDIT: A couple of other things I am leaving out at this point just because they aren't coming to me off of the top of my head. But one I just thought of was in school, if I am running late for a class (even if it's a minute), I won't go. Even though it may be a good quality to most people, I am early to everything. And by that I mean 20-25 minutes early to things.

So with your experiences with this disorder, would you say that I suffer from social anxiety?

All opinions are welcomed. Thanks for taking time.

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