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Essentially im a junior in hs, I have large ammts of hw and I've been pulling all nighters a Lot. I pulled an all nighter last night and I went to bed about 3 hours ago for the first time and I Woke back up WTF this just seems weird. Its Like I'm constantly on the 'go' switch outside of school.*

I am not concerned by this. Although I do notice Negative side effects end up sleeping for ridiculous amounts of time (which is why im surprised I woke up) after I pull an all nighter... Essentially in the morning I am really happy to start the day and get work done and then towards lunch and later in the day I can get really depressed and be *****y/mean when it's not me.*

Positives of sleep habit:
-More time during chaotic JUNIOR YEAR= makes me happy
-More studying and hw time get stuff done on my own time ( I have all damn night lol)
-Generally have a few hours at some point to just chillax and do what I want (surf the web, play guitar) like now LOL
-Not depressed just tires and it dont bother me too much..*
-very happy to have time for myself and to think
-very excited for school due to lack of stimulation (essentially i do work or am on my computer the whole night) *and general boredom of the Lonely night
-Very focused on school for about first 4 hours.*

Negatives of this sleep habit:*
-General fatigue
-Feeling a bit out of it/disorientated
-After lunch I 'crash' and that consists of depression (I am going through some reasonable to be in pain family sht that would explain this instead of blaming lack of sleep)
-I end up sleeping like 30 hours *after theae power nights lol and my mom thinks I'm on some type of drug (don't care it's just annoying)
-I'm more grumpy during the day (I don't like people that much anyway so i dont mind if I come off as whatever as long as I'm left Alone lol)
-if I accidently fall asleep in a clas I get yelled at by my grade head (it's just Annoying)

Ok so overalls I am way more productive with these all nighter things I am just more 'biotchy' shall we say and less social which I really dong mind or care about because I don't like hanging out with my peers (would much rather enjoy hanging with teachers or adults etc) idk that's my tAke...
What do you think??

Have a pleasant tomorrow!

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It's important to get regular sleep. Too little or too much can be bad for you.
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