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well lifes looking up.i think....
the features drawing in on me, and it looks better : thats for sure.
its just, change is hard.
im so lucky, havving such a great boyfriend to help me through, (7 months and 11 days :D) i love him to bits ^^ and i littrely spend any free time thinking about him, hehe... i look at us , and im not just saying this : we are golden.
i have moved to plymouth, back to my home town.
in 5 years i have dissowned so many people, all i have left in family is relaly just my gran and my step grandad, maybe its for the better...
so i plan to live with my gran untill i can support myself, i have a nice big room for me to get stuck into and decorate and a bed comming soon(hehhe). i have a nice big huge feild for my ponys and i have stables that dont leak ! (amazing :D)
well new college again. im going to be the only girl :/ the new girl. so i will see how it goes.
i have a new opitunity to make friends , but will i :who knows? i do have a few old class mates from plymouth, so i might try and get back in with them...but im affraid of the regection , and letting go of my lonely self.
when im lonley i miss the social attention, when im socializing i want to be lonley, you cant win .. i guess.

well its not very intersting but eh :/ although im out of there times are still hard, the constants txts update my past , and police on the door pressure me to txt back :/ well what do i do -.- hrmm :/
well wasnt very intresting but meh.
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