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erm i just wondered if anyone could understand where im comign form or give me some advice.
my mother etc were jehovahs witnesses and some of my family still are, i went to a few meetings when i was little but not anymore. my mum now has passed away 3 years ago.

i got panic attack and now agorphobia so i am stuck in my house all the time really. only in the last months of me developing this problem ive become very aware of god and jesus and im not sure why.

i went into my room and found some books of my mums and read a few which gave mealot of comfort, its like i feel i need to believe to give me hope but things such as proof etc always hold me bk as i am very matter of fact.

i started to pray once a day asking for help an support to help me get rid of me anxietys and have the life i had be4. i try to be a better person but i feel nothing, its like im not doing enough, like something is there wiating for me, deicded to give me faith in something but im just not quite there, or im not doing enough...its really frustrating.

i would really appreciate if anyone had an explanations or support who has had experience in religion or faith etc.
i dont understand what you are asking , can you be more specific ?
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