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I just saw my psychiatrist today and we discussed how Wellbutrin has been working for me. I told her the more often i take it the less effect I feel so I'm waning off it in the next two weeks. I told her that my depression and social anxiety seem to be stemming from something else that I've dealt with my entire life and have pretty much compensated for by being afraid of shaming my family and having at least an average intelligence.

She is recommending me to go see a neurologist for an ADHD diagnosis. Does anyone know what a neurologist can do to test for ADHD? Is it worth going to one? (I have insurance). I feel like the neurologist will be able to see brain activity and see which lobes/parts of the brain are stimulated and which are lacking in stimulation. I don't know what neurologists do, I'm just speculating. So, if anyone knows or can offer me any advice please respond. Thanks.

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