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I feel like I am challenging my social anxiety by taking acting classes this summer. My SA shows up everyday -- I never really feel like I am part of the "ensemble", they all hang out and do stuff together and I am sort of the oddball (as usual) of the group that never gets invited anywhere....I always feel like I'm not wanted. But looking at the positive side, I am proud of myself just for being there. I actually feel more comfortable reading lines from a script than talking as myself -- don't have to think about it as much :) Just thought I would share because I am proud of myself for pushing myself out of my shell (a little).
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I think that's a great idea!

Playing characters can be a good way of letting loose and 'sidestepping' anxiety. This is probably going to sound really weird, but I find that I'm really able to let my guard down and get really talkative and silly when I have a puppet. Someone had a puppet on their desk at my old job, and I would take it and stick the puppet through my boss' door and joke and make fun of him, when I could barely talk to him at all normally. Sadly, there are too few occasions in life where puppets are appropriate.

I hope it goes well and you stick with it. Feeling like you're part of the group can take time, so don't give up.
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