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I feel like I am challenging my social anxiety by taking acting classes this summer. My SA shows up everyday -- I never really feel like I am part of the "ensemble", they all hang out and do stuff together and I am sort of the oddball (as usual) of the group that never gets invited anywhere....I always feel like I'm not wanted. But looking at the positive side, I am proud of myself just for being there. I actually feel more comfortable reading lines from a script than talking as myself -- don't have to think about it as much :) Just thought I would share because I am proud of myself for pushing myself out of my shell (a little).
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That's brilliant ellektra! I've never known what I really like to do in life (never had any hobbies), but recently thought acting would be quite interesting. I doubt I could build up the courage to take acting classes though, i'd be too afraid of what people thought of me. The closest i've come is to read plays out aloud to myself at home - I know that's quite cowardly that this is as far as I can get, but it still gives me a slight buzz from acting out the parts. If anyone ever caught me doing though they'd probably think i'm a weirdo!

I know how you feel feeling like your not part of the group, but I hope that in time you do become part of it. I hope it all goes well for you and helps you build your confidence and help bring you out of your shell. :)
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