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I feel like I am challenging my social anxiety by taking acting classes this summer. My SA shows up everyday -- I never really feel like I am part of the "ensemble", they all hang out and do stuff together and I am sort of the oddball (as usual) of the group that never gets invited anywhere....I always feel like I'm not wanted. But looking at the positive side, I am proud of myself just for being there. I actually feel more comfortable reading lines from a script than talking as myself -- don't have to think about it as much :) Just thought I would share because I am proud of myself for pushing myself out of my shell (a little).
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I would like to try some self-defense course, I think it would be good for me, help me feel stronger, to do that physical activity, and with the idea of strength, self-defense.

I've been on effexor XR for anxiety for over a year now, and maybe that's why I got the courage to do some singing, I took a voice class last spring, and it was really good for me, really good. All my life I've been afraid of doing that type of thing, but fantasized about it.

This class is solo jazz singing, so each person sings solo in front of the class. But I did it, and I plan to re-enroll in the fall, singing is very good for me!

And I also have tended to be the wierd person out, not invited, but I did fit in somewhat with the social group in this class. So some progress and success there as well.

Better late than never! Life is to be lived, every day and to be who you are!
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