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act study?

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Drew posted about it a while back, a few people said they would apply. I got waitlisted and just received my book a few weeks ago, I would assume that means most people already finished the program. Was wondering how it went?
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I participated in the study. I found the book to be a good read and its basically just a simplified version of the buddhist mindful practices. It basically tries to take the buddhism out of the buddhist mindful practices and teaches you to live more in the present moment by holding your fear and your pain in compassion and kindness.

All in all I'd say if your interested in easing the pain of anxiety/depression I would recommend reading this book. However, this book makes a very strong effort to try to separate buddhism from the mindfulness practices, which really isn't necassary IMO. I'm not against buddhism or anything like that so I feel like I am capable of taking what I like from buddhism and applying it to my own life. Also its important to keep in mind that patience plays a key role in the treatment, a lot of the skills taught in the book can be applied throughout the rest of your life so it takes time.
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