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im very interested in bodybuilding so i purchased this ebook caled burnt he fat feed the muscle by tom venuto. i got an email from tom asking me topurchase his brand new 12 week body transformation competition.

i read it and got a great idea from it. part of the 12 week competition involves this thing called accountability. you are required to create a public blog and declare your goal. and then you have to post a picture of yuor body every single day.

basically you have to go publicand say something like ''by december 21st i am gonna lose 24 pounds of fat''. and then everyda you let the public see your progress by posting pictures.

toms logic behin it is that by going public you are making yourself accountable for your actions. you have to eat healthy , you have to lift weights, you have to do cardio cos if you don then your progress pictures will bepoor and the and you will look stupid infont of the public for not reachig your goal

overcoming SA is always a choice. everyday we have the choice to either face it or run away. facing it is hard and uncomfortbale, running is eeasy and extremely comfortbale. we wont to run, we dont want to face it. we are creatures of cmfort theefore we always choose the confy roote.

if however we had the consequences of looking like a fool infront of everyone for not choosin the discomfort i think that we would all make the right choices dailly

i think that we should all create a blog and set a date on our goal for all of us to se. and then every day w have to post about our progress

i thik we should all do this btween each other ont hs site .

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