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Hello everyone first time posting,

Recently i have acknowledged that i have SA (symptoms started at 14 im 20 now) , it has grown more and more over me in the last year and it resulting me with detaching with best friends and family (more friends)

I fear of going to meet people one on one or in larger groups and tend to stay really quite unless someone speaks to me first. I tend to get ignored quite a lot whilst i speak and when i do people look at me like im an idiot or people change convo straight after.

It has got me paranoid to the point that i think people dislike me and speak about me behind my back.

I mean i go out my way to be there for my friends (friends of 7 years) and im always nice and caring but in return they plan stuff without me and become closer and i feel left out and awkward like im out of the group.

i cant ber the fact I cant even go to work anymore without thinking that someone is chatting about me and laughing at me, so i call in sick a couple times to not deal with anyone.

I cant even go out my house anymore without thinking people are looking at me.

What to do anyone please?

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I am not a counselor, but I would suggest going to one, because they can strategically help you plan out goals that you want for yourself and how to achieve them.

What I would say is to counteract the negative thoughts that tell you that someone is laughing at you or talk about you with another one. Thoughts greatly affect the ways in which we act, so focusing on positive replies to restore your mindset to one that is easier for you to function under is important :)

For example:

"They're laughing at you...they're talking about you..."

In response:

"They could be laughing at their own joke or conversation. There are many other things they could be talking about."

This is not to dismiss if the event happens where either of your fears come true, because people are people and sometimes it happens, but more often than not, it is more fear than anything.

The sticky threads, at the top of the forums, have a lot of great stuff to help with social anxiety, you should check them out if you want :) best wishes!
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