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this has no title nor is it polished.
this is just something i was thinking about and the words just came to me.

Desperately seeking while somberly thinking,
Hopefully wishing but pessimistically realizing,
Endlessly reading failing to grasp
Facing the truth; did not like what it has,
Eternally bliss for this earthly despair
Trying to make sense but do i really care??
Born without chains, i should run free
Yet something in my mind tends to enslave me
Thrust in the world which is open to all,
Nothing has been done to curb my fall.
Struck by fear blindly like a virus attack
Slowly destroying without realizing
Now whithered away like a piece of trash
No causes alone to call my own
To lift me up & make me a better man
Or at least a goal to strive & achieve
Feel like a gutted dutch,
Just before the chronic is rolled up
Whats it gonna be
Life without futility
Or barren & stark, stoic in the heart
Break out of the fear
Even if no one there to cheer
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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