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Oh, how I'd love to find a vacation spot on the Sun:

Always warm; I do not need furs, or scarves, or thread.

An expansive (and, indeed, expanding) landscape; venturing to explore it all is futile, so I have no need to try.

No mountains or hills to climb, no valleys to sink into, nothing firm to speak of really; what incentive have I to stand or to sit?

No buildings, flash floods, holocausts, and no one to help; a humanitarian, or a God, could guiltlessly put up their feet.

Not a good deed in sight. Not an infraction or a right.
No designer shoes, or booze. No single archive to peruse.
Not a potato or a fish to fry. Not a reason to live and not one to die.
Nothing could be good or even okay. Nothing could even measure the day.

Oh, I'd love to find my vacation spot on the Sun. Why, I could think of nothing and of no one.
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