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hi..this is a made up story about a teenage girl with s.a.
i wrote it myself!!! on expirience

hollie is 19.she needs a job for she goes to the job centre a nd gets an interview at a bank:
this is the night before the interview.

hollie lay in her bed staring at the sealing,she still had a night lamp on cause she gets scared if its dark,and she sees shadows.this is what her head was filled with:
whats gonna happen
oh no im new what will they think
what if my face goes red
oh no its not an interview its a meeting
omg 7 people
she pulled the covers off she was sweating.she sat up she was finding it hard to breath, her heart starting pounding.she stood up ,she was having a panic attack.the backs of her legs were tingling,know she was shaking.her face bright red she raced downstairs to the kitchen..and got a glass of calmed her a bit .hollie sat on the kitchen chair the backs of her legs were shaking realy badly...she took a few deep breaths and filled her head with positive thoughts
your being silly
look at yourself
youll be fine
after a moment she felt ready to go to bed..she went back upstairs and sat the glass of water beside her bed.and soon was back asleep..but then the nightmares started and she began to sweat.
then she awoke
she drank some water and by this time she was feeling dizzy with dirtness

*beep beep went the alarm clock*(lol) hollie was awake with a jump more of a nervouse jump she was sensitive to noises!her mate voilet was knocking on the door of hollies bedroom.hollie was far too scared to live on her own.she was scared of having an panic attack or ghosts or buglers.

violet said" oh todays and important day get up u have 2 whole hours to get there" hollie cringed and grinded her teeth when violet reminded her of the day ahead.......................2 b continued!!!!!!

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next part++++

hollie sat up with a horrible expression on her face..then she started to cry." oh hollie please dont cry..i know its hard for you.i went to my job interview i felt the same any way im going to make you a great bit breakfast so get crackin!!!"
violet didnt understand....she was only hollies flat mate for 1 month and didnt know anything about her condition.

hollie wiped her tears and went to her wardrobe.she pulled out everything and rumaged through it
what will i wear
i cant decide oohhhhhhh!!!!!!

she picked black trousers and a smart black jacket.she looked at the clock above her bed ****! im gonna be late!

she put everything on brushed her hair put on ear she was going down stairs it hit her thoughts were racing through her head as she stopped dead midway down the stairs

maybe i should go bak to bed no no i canti cant do this wat will they think theyl think im a nervouse reck! oh no

she kept walking
she reached the living room and on the table she found a plate with toast and a yogurt and orange juice
violet said" eat up now u need all the energy u can get"
actualy i feel less anxiety when im tirred

so hollie did eat it all..and went out to the car violet was driving!
hollies stomuch felt worser and worser the nearer they got she was shaking and finding it hard to breath.
the car behind beeped and she jumped in her seat. :afr

ThE mEeTiNg
"bye vi" hollie said shakily and shut they car door she waved and walked toward the no she realy doesent have to do this interview but she wants to badly and she aint gonna turn bak now! 2 b continued
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